Business Continuity Plans should be living documents that are updated as new risks and issues arise. Government and business need to be ever aware of changes and how they may affect their response to a disruptive event. Currently the medical profession is telling us that it is only a matter of time before we experience a global pandemic. Business and Government need to work now to prepare to protect their employees and continue to offer essential services.

10 Steps you can take to prepare for a Global Pandemic

  1. Conduct a risk assessment
  2. Analyze business impacts & prioritize the business
  3. Set guiding principles for the plan
  4. Understand local government plans
  5. Review HR related policies & procedures
  6. Review health & safety procedures
  7. Increase hygiene awareness at the workplace
  8. Prepare a comprehensive business continuity plan
  9. Test your business continuity plan
  10. Communicate with your employees regularly, and...

Is your organization prepared for the unexpected?

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